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We appreciate your interest in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We realize that applicants are understandably anxious to learn whether or not they have been admitted and funded. The process does take time, and so we wanted to provide you with some information about our decision schedule and the Graduate School’s on-line application system.

On-line Application System

The Graduate School has developed an on-line application system whereby applicants may check the application status and receipt of application materials. Most decisions on admission and funding are not made until March 20th so your status will remain as “applied” until then. Applicants who do not receive admission and funding offers at that time remain on our departmental waitlist. Applicants on the departmental waitlist continue to be listed as “applied” for the on-line system. We understand how difficult it is to wait on these decisions and try to post information promptly and to notify applicants as soon as decisions are made. We hope that you are aware of the Council of Graduate Schools resolution regarding deadlines for financial aid offers to incoming graduate students. In brief, the resolution states that applicants should not be expected to reply to financial aid offers prior to April 15.

Missing Application Materials

The on-line system is a convenient way to check whether or not your application materials are posted.  The GRE and TOEFL scores are now reported electronically but there still may be a two to four week delay between when you take the exam and when universities post the score.

• Missing Letters of Recommendation

The on-line form lists the name of the recommender(s) from whom we do not yet have letter(s). Please contact your recommender(s) and ask them to send the letter(s).

• Missing Transcripts

Be sure to upload the transcripts for every college/university from which you received course credit.

• Missing Financial Certificates

International applicants are required to submit a financial certificate even if they do not have any funding from outside sources.