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The undergraduate curriculum of the Department of Economics is designed to provide the best possible learning environment for those students choosing to participate in our courses. We, the faculty associated with the curriculum, are committed to use of the most appropriate and productive teaching methods to ensure that learning does occur in the classroom. We are also committed to appropriate provision of advising, independent study and office hours to ensure that the learning of the classroom is shared in by all.  Our research activities are in the forefront of our profession, and we are constantly striving to make the product of that research available and accessible to students within our courses.

Our goal is that each of these courses should provide the proper atmosphere for learning specific to that set of students. This atmosphere is provided in part through faculty lectures, but also through seminars, student-initiated “active learning” techniques, use of internships and applied learning, and through appropriate use of technology-aided instruction in the classroom.

We encourage you to use the links in the left column to explore the opportunities for undergraduate students in Economics.  Should you still have questions, use the “Contact Us” link to reach out to our undergraduate director and adviser.

Our commitment to student diversity and to non-discrimination.

Students come to the Economics Department for instruction for various reasons; we recognize that variety, and have built the curriculum of each course upon it. The Department endorses the University’s commitment to equal educational and employment opportunities as expressed in the University’s policy on non-discrimination.