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The UNC Economics Department is excited to announce that starting in Fall 2024 we will offer a new Minor in Economics!


The courses leading to a minor in Economics comprise a large area of inquiry into the problems and structure of the economic segment of society. The intended audience is the wide range of students that consider economics a science complementary to their major and appreciate that the skills acquired will be a valuable addition for future labor market and graduate school outcomes.


A minor would create great opportunities for students, including:

• Preparation for private employment.

• Preparation for government and international organizations employment.

• Preparation for graduate programs in economics, business administration, international studies, law, health and hospital administration, city planning, public policy.


The minor includes a fundamental portion of the gateway and core requirements of the major but a lighter requirement on electives. Specifically, the minor’s requirements are:

Gateway Course
ECON 101Introduction to Economics4
Core Requirements (at least 2)
ECON 400Introduction to Data Science and Econometrics4
ECON 410Intermediate Microeconomics4
ECON 420Intermediate Macroeconomics3
Additional Requirements (at least 2)
Two (2) ECON courses at the 400 level6
Total Hours17-18

For more information, please visit the new University catalog published on June 1.