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Combining the “What” with the “Why” & “How”

The Data (Data-Acumen-Theory-Application) Science Credential in Economics helps Economics majors receive in-demand data skills, guided by theory, applied to economics. Completion of the credential requirements allows students to obtain:

Practical and Marketable Skills
Introduction to programming languages (e.g., R/Python) commonly used in applications of data
science, and practical data skills: collecting, scraping, cleaning, merging, processing, and visualizing
data, descriptive analysis, optimization, and supervised/unsupervised statistical learning.

Synergy, Application, and Experience
Gain experience in combining these data skills with foundational knowledge of economics to frame
and solve economic questions using real data from finance, industry, government, health,
environment, among others.

Credential Requirements
The Credential requirements include completion of three courses and attendance at the Credential Speaker events.

  • Data Science Competitions: Optional participation with a team of students in competitive challenges to explore and analyze a provided data set to answer important economic questions.

If you are interested in the DATA Science Credential in Economics, please fill out this FORM.

The credential is officially conferred to a student at the end of the semester in which all requirements are met.