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The UNC Economics Department is excited to announce that
we are now offering a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Economics!


The new major will provide students with greater exposure to data analysis and quantitative techniques, making it a good potential match for students interested in employment or graduate schools that emphasize these skills. We will continue to offer the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree for students who want to focus on the analytical approach of our current Economics major.

The BS will require 50 credit hours from 16 courses, including 5 required and 5 elective courses in the Economics department. Additionally, students must complete 3 required and 2 elective courses in other departments (MATH, COMP, STOR), as well as the general education requirements in place when they enrolled at UNC-CH. See below for a complete list of course requirements and a sample plan for completing the major. The key differences between the current Economics BA and proposed BS are:

  • The BS will require ECON 470 (Econometrics) and one additional 500-level ECON course.
  • The BS will require three semesters of calculus (MATH 231, 232, and 233).
  • BS students must select two of five additional quantitative courses from outside of the Economics department (COMP 110 or COMP 116, MATH 381, MATH 347, STOR 415, and STOR 435).

We encourage you to talk to Economics faculty (the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the University Advisor in economics, the Department Chair, or your favorite professor) if you are interested!

For more information, please view our catalog.