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Note: Please refer to economics course descriptions for more detail, including pre-requisites. The list does not include courses for the Entrepreneurship Minor (e-minor) or for the Management and Society Major (MNGT). This list is tentative and may change before Spring 2022 course registration begins.

Spring 2022

Course Abbreviated Course Title Instructors/Sections
ECON 101 Intro to Economics Balaban & Staub
ECON 101H Intro to Economics TBA
ECON 291 ULA Training Sheran-Andrews
ECON 292 Career Prep Norwood
ECON 400 Intro Stats/Metrics Handy
ECON 410 Intermediate Micro Sheran-Andrews (2 sections)
ECON 420 Intermediate Macro Aguilar
ECON 420H Intermediate Macro Aguilar
ECON 423 Money/Banking Tian
ECON 425 Asset Pricing Aguilar
ECON 436 Urban Balaban
ECON 445 IO McManus
ECON 455 Environmental Weber
ECON 460 International Vaidyanathan (2 sections
ECON 469 Asian Rosefielde
ECON 470 Econometrics Guilkey & Handy (2 sections)
ECON 485 Sports Balaban
ECON 486 Gender Staub
ECON 510 Advanced Micro Parreiras (2 sections)
ECON 511H Advanced Game Theory Parreiras
ECON 520 Advanced Macro Francis
ECON 522 Macro Labor Rabinovich
ECON 545 Advanced IO Williams
ECON 552 Supply Side Health Gong/Maini
ECON 560 Advanced International Conway
ECON 573 Machine Learning Babii
ECON 575 Advanced Time Series Hansen
ECON 692H Honors Thesis Peter