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Note: Please refer to economics course descriptions for more detail, including pre-requisites. The list does not include courses for the Entrepreneurship Minor (e-minor) or for the Management and Society Major (MNGT). This list is tentative and may change before Spring 2022 course registration begins.

Spring 2023

CourseAbbreviated Course TitleInstructors/Sections
ECON 101Introduction to EconomicsBalaban (2 sections)
ECON101HIntroduction to EconomicsParreiras
ECON 125Introduction to EntrepreneurshipBao/Greene (2 sections)
ECON 291Undergraduate Learning Assistant Seminar and PracticumSheran-Andrews
ECON 292Career Preparation for Economics MajorsNorwood
ECON 310Microeconomics: Theory and ApplicationsLuo
ECON 325Entrepreneurship: Principles, Concepts, Frameworks, and FluencyMumford
ECON 325HEntrepreneurship: Principles, Concepts, Frameworks, and FluencyMumford/Simmons (2 sections)
ECON 327Venture-Creation WorkshopCollopy
ECON 327HVenture-Creation WorkshopSimmons (3 sections)
ECON 345Public Policy Toward BusinessMullen
ECON 370Economic Applications of Data ScienceWilliams
ECON 380The Economics of Labor RelationsBlack
ECON 393HPracticum in EntrepreneurshipSimmons
ECON 400Introduction to Data Science and EconometricsHandy
ECON 410Intermediate MicroeconomicsSheran-Andrews (2 sections)
ECON 411Game TheoryNorman
ECON 415Market FailuresSheran-Andrews
ECON 420Intermediate MacroeconomicsRoark
ECON 423Financial Markets and Economic FluctuationsTian (2 sections)
ECON 425Financial EconomicsRoark (2 sections)
ECON 440Analysis of Public FinanceHill
ECON 445Industrial Organization (IO)Phadke
ECON 450Health Economics: Problems and PolicyHincapié
ECON 455Environmental Economic TheoryWeber
ECON 469Asian Economic SystemsRosefielde
ECON 470EconometricsGuilkey/Handy (3 sections)
ECON 480Labor EconomicsAmarasinghe
ECON 486Gender and EconomicsStaub
ECON 510Advanced Microeconomic TheoryParreiras (2 sections)
ECON 520Advanced Macroeconomic TheoryHendricks
ECON 522Macroeconomic Analysis of the Labor MarketRabinovich
ECON 545Advanced Industrial OrganizationWilliams
ECON 552The Economics of Health Care Markets and PolicyGong
ECON 571Advanced EconometricsVerdier
ECON 573Machine Learning and EconometricsHansen
ECON 586Economics and Life: Applying Economics to Life's Big QuestionsMcDuff
ECON 58HFirst-Year Seminar: Researching the Tools for Success in CollegeFruehwirth
ECON 590Special TopicsGuilkey
ECON 711Advanced Microeconomic Theory IINorman
ECON 721Advanced Macroeconomic Theory IIRabinovich
ECON 771EconometricsBabii
ECON 806Seminar in Teaching Methods in EconomicsVaidyanathan
ECON 848Empirical Industrial Organization IIWilliams
ECON 873MicroeconometricsVerdier
ECON 876Advanced Topics in Empirical FinanceGhysels
ECON 901Dissertation Completion WorkshopFruehwirth
ECON 920Dissertation Workshop in MacroeconomicsFrancis
ECON 970Dissertation Workshop in Econometrics and Financial EconometricsBabii
ECON 985Dissertation Workshop in Applied MicroeconomicsGong