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The 2011 Fed Challenge team accomplished an unprecedented feat for UNC Economics – making it to the National competition in Washington, D.C.  The victory in the Charlotte Branch was the fifth year in a row, and the team once again performed amazingly in the Richmond district competition.


The team advancing to the nationals included Ryan Delgado, Sam Grote, Russell Martin, Sean Myers, Nick Nohling, and captain Andrew Owens.  Support was provided by Gabby Tan, who is this year’s captain.  The national competition was held in the Federal Reserve Board chambers where the FOMC meets.  The competition was preceded by a photo opportunity with Chairman Bernanke, and a luncheon with Board of Governors member and UNC alumnus Elizabeth Duke.


The newfound notoriety of the team on campus has expanded its ranks considerably.  The spring semester following the competition was filled with new recruits, each vying for a spot on the presentation team.  Under the guidance of Professor Michael Aguilar, the organization of the team has expanded dramatically as they work toward continued excellence and the development of the next generation of Challenge participants.


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