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The job market can be a stressful place…

The job market can be a stressful place. Lots of anxiety surrounding completing grad school and transitioning to the job market. Recognizing our wonderful group of JMP candidates, the Econ … Read more

New PhD Requirements

There will be an info session for second year and third year PhD students to talk about the changes made to the PhD requirements.   Info Session targeted to second-year … Read more

2019-2020 UNC’s Economics Job Market Candidates

Proud to announce our 2019-2020 Candidates on the Job Market. Under placement director Jon William’s direction, our students are ready to hit the market. If you see any of these students around … Read more

First Friday Downloads

The gathering for grad students on the first Friday of the month, called First Friday Downloads, provides a casual mechanism for disseminating information across graduate students from different cohorts and, … Read more

Dr. Parke’s Legacy

As many of you know, Dr. William Parke passed on December 27, 2018, at his home surrounded by his family. His presence and passion for education and the students will … Read more

Anessa Custovic: Econ grad student on the go

Anessa Custovic is a third-year graduate student in Economics.  Her specialty is econometrics – the study of empirical methods in economics – and she has had a busy summer.  Her … Read more

2018 Impact Award honors Economics grad students Teresa Zhou and Josh Horvath

This year, the Graduate School recognized two Economics grad students among the 17 recipients of the Impact Award.  Congratulations to Teresa Zhou and Josh Horvath! The UNC Graduate School provides … Read more

2018 Impact Award honors Josh Horvath

Josh Horvath, a fifth year Ph.D. student in Economics, with interest in education, labor and health economics, will be receiving a 2018 Impact Award for his research. His research examines the … Read more