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What was your educational background before enrolling in the Ph.D. program in Economics at Carolina?

In the year prior to enrolling at UNC, I graduated from Berry College with a major in Economics and minor in Math.

What field of study did you pursue for your dissertation work, and how did you end up working in this area of economics?

I specialized in labor economics here at UNC and worked specifically on topics related to executive compensation. I was initially drawn to this area through an interest in contract theory which I developed in my first year.

Did you pursue any other activities as a distraction from or complement to economics training during your time as a student?

Exercise was always an important part of my routine during my time as a grad student. I think that maintaining a good stock of mental and physical health augmented my productivity, and midday gym breaks helped clear my head and prevent burnout.

What is on the horizon upon graduation?

Upon graduation, I will join the finance group at the University of Warwick.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you first enrolled in the program?

Don’t be so afraid of failure. The cost of failure, for example a project not panning out, is fairly low in grad school, and this should be taken advantage of. Grad school is a time for experimenting and taking risks. Some things will inevitably not work out, but this is an important part of the process.

Although you are still a grad student for a little while, how do you think you will remember your time as a student?

While grad school was certainly difficult, I will always remember the excitement I felt as I began to transition into research full time. It was a privilege to be able to fully devote my time and efforts to learning and developing new skills.

Can you identify something that brought you joy during your educational journey?

I was surrounded by a great group of friends here at UNC, which I will always be very grateful for. I met my girlfriend Emma in the program, and don’t think I could have made it past the finish line without her support.