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Hello from soggy Chapel Hill!  Florence spared us the hurricane-force winds, but we did experience the heavy rains that were her trademark.  The red bricks of Polk Place on campus became riverbeds during her visit, but we are at present back in action with little damage to the university you know and love.

Our fall semester is in full swing in Gardner Hall.  The energy of our students, both new and experienced, is evident all around us.  Economics 101 (Introduction to Economics) remains a rite of passage for UNC undergrads, with about 1100 enrolled in this semester alone.   Almost 1200 of our returning students have declared a major in Economics, the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship has enlisted 300 students in the Entrepreneurship Minor, and the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Minor has enrolled an additional 200 students.  You will find Economics spoken all over campus!

Few of us can visit Chapel Hill as often as we like.  For the rest, here is an electronic postcard for those of you with an interest in current events in UNC Economics.  You can depend upon the national media to report on Silent Sam, but there many other activities and innovations on our campus.  I hope you will enjoy these vignettes from daily life.

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