The Economics Department Advisory Board (EDAB) is a group of alumni and alumnae of UNC Economics that convenes each semester to learn more about the research, teaching and service in Economics at Carolina and to advise the faculty on issues related to student development.  These advisers, both graduate program and undergraduate alums, are individuals who care passionately about their alma mater and about the students currently studying Economics at UNC.  They have proved to be a valuable asset to our department’s faculty and students as we innovate in the major to provide our students with the best possible preparation for “the real world”, whether that is finding a job, preparing for graduate school, or simply learning deeply about the economic workings of sectors of the world’s economy.

We have had nine meetings  since the inaugural meeting in October 2014.  To learn more about its activities, you’re welcome to read the summaries of the meetings.

You’ll note the change in title that occurred in mid-2018.  Before that time, the Advisory Group was an informal body that met twice per year with the Chair of Economics and other interested faculty members.  In mid-2018, we constituted a formal Advisory Board with its own charter and by-laws to reflect the strong commitment to the Economics Department that these alums had demonstrated.

We in Economics partner with the Arts and Sciences Foundation in coordinating the membership and activities of the Advisory Group.  Should you be interested in learning more about the EDAB or other ways that you can help the department, please contact Patrick Conway, chair of Economics, and Ronda Manuel of the Arts and Sciences Foundation.