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In 2021

Family-related Determinants of Bridge Employment Decisions in China by Xiaoyan Jiang

Labor Market Discrimination in the English Premier League by Nico Rotundo

Does Peking Order Theory or Trade-Off Theory Better Explain U.S. Firms’ Leverage Behavior? by Xinyi Zhang and Yike Zhu

Understanding the Supply of N95 Respirators as a result of China’s Trade Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Heywood Williams-Tracy


In 2020:

Comparing the Great Recession and COVID-19 Pandemic via GARCH Modeling Techniques by Thomas Morgan White

Big Fish in Bigger Ponds: The Effect of High School Academic Self-Concept on College Mental Health by Deepak Venkatasubramanian and Paige Masten

Market Structure in the Subscription Video on Demand Industry by Nico Rotundo

VAR Analysis of Economic Activity, Unemployment, and Inflation during Periods Preceding Recessions in the United States: COVID-19 by Noah T. Wessels


In 2019:

The Determinants and Plans of North Carolina Restart Schools by Lilly Winfree and Ariella Hirsch

Matthew Guest Grant Final Research Report by Klaas van Kempen

Geographic Impact of the Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program on High School Outcomes as Indicators of College Readiness by Hannah Olmstead and Patrick Costley