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cecThe Carolina Economics Club (CEC) creates opportunities for students to explore economics outside their traditional coursework. A core group of students works to coordinate events that enable their peers to discuss and debate about how economics affects our lives by exposing them to the frontiers of economic research and reasoning.

The major events that the Club coordinates include a speaker series which features well-known economists, authors, and researchers as well as professors and professionals. This series also includes panel discussions in which speakers share their perspectives and discuss or debate with others on a focused topic relating to economics such as Minimum Wage, Bush Tax Cuts, U.S. Financial Crisis, Euro crisis, Fiscal Policy and others. Additionally, the club coordinates informal exchanges of information among undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty about UNC’s Economics curriculum, current events, and career and research opportunities for Economics majors. The Club also conducts an Annual Case Competition. Finally, the Club has worked to engage a broader cross-section of the student body by coordinating events that are more interactive. Through these programs, the Club intends to introduce more students to economics by presenting topics in a more accessible way while also increasing awareness about the Club’s activity on campus.

Follow this link to learn more about the Club. You can also keep up with their activities on Facebook.

Katerina Wu:
Deepak Venkatasubramanian:
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rita Balaban

In the past, the Club has hosted lectures by the following speakers.

Yoram Baumon, Stand-up economist
David Gardner, The Motley Fool
Dr. Larry Bartels, Vanderbilt University
Dr. Robert Frank, Cornell University
Dr. Dan Ariely, Duke University
Dr. Rachel Kranton, Duke University
Congressman David Price
Dr. Tyler Cowen, George Mason University
Mr. James Surowiecki, Columnist, New Yorker
Dr. Deirdre McCloskey, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. Alan Taylor, University of Virginia