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Economics 293, Internships in Economics, satisfies the Experiential Education requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences. The syllabus/contract (click here) gives a detailed description of the course. The evaluation form (click here) has to be submitted after you complete the internship. You must be an Economics major to register for ECON 293.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies supervises all internships, but you can work with another faculty member on the specifics of the pedagogical content of your internship.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies should approve your internship for Economics 293 credit before the internship starts.  To obtain approval, you must submit the contract provided in the syllabus filled in with the details of your proposed internship.  Students with summer internships can register for Fall credit, but applications for Fall credit have to be approved before the internship starts.

There is no class meeting so there is no enrollment limit on this class.

University Career Services offers another option. It is also possible to arrange an independent studies project with a relevant faculty member. These alternatives do not carry Experiential Education credit.