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The UNC Applied Microeconomics Seminar meets on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 in Gardner 211 unless otherwise indicated. If you have questions about the seminar, please contact Clement Joubert (email) or Lisa Gaines (email).

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Paper title & link Time & place
September 18 Andrew Shephard
U. Penn
Optimal Taxation in an Empirical Life-cycle Model of Labour Supply 3:30 in G211
September 25 Robin Lee
Insurer Competition and Negotiated Hospital Prices 3:30 in G211
October 9 Ken Reddix
TBA 3:30 in G211
October 23 Maathijs Wildenbeest
Indiana University
TBA 3:30 in G211
October 30 Nick Papageorge
John Hopkins U.
TBA 3:30 in G211
November 13 Chris Cronin
TBA 3:30 in G211 


Spring 2013

Date Speaker Paper title & link Time & place
March 27 Hugh MaCartney
Duke University
The Dynamic Effects of Educational Accountability 3:30 in G211
April 3 Chris Taber
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Estimation of a Roy/Search/Compensating Differential Model of the Labor Markte 3:30 in G211
April 10 Arnaud Maurel
Duke University
College attrition and the dynamics of information 3:30 in G211
April 17 Meta Brown
Federal Reserve of New York
The Impact of Housing Markets on Consumer Debt: credit Report Evidence from 1999 to 2012 3:30 in G211

 Fall 2012

Date Speaker Paper title & link Time & place
September 5 Steven Stern
University of Virginia
Marriage, Divorce and asymmetric information 3:30 in G211
September 11(Tuesday!) Myrto Kalouptsidi
Princeton University
Time to Build and Fluctuations in Bulk Shipping 3:30PM in SSC 111 (DUKE)
October 3 John Ham
University of Maryland
The Role of Cognitive Ability, Personality Traits and Gender in Gift Exchange Outcomes 3:30 in G211
November 14 Jean-Francois Houde
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School)
Price negociation in differentiated product markets: evidence from the canadian mortgage market 3:30 in G211
November 28 Eric French
Federal Reserve of Chicago
Medicaid Insurance in Old Age 3:30 in G211
December 5 Peter Savelyev
Vanderbilt University
Conscientiousness, Education, and Longevity of High Ability Individuals 3:30 in G211

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Paper title & link Time & place
February 29 Matthew Wiswall
New York University
Evolution of Gender Differences in Post-Secondary Human Capital Investments: College Majors 3:30 in G211
March 14 Brett Gordon
Columbia University
“Political Advertising and the Electoral College.”Background paper linked here.  Abstract for main paper is here.  Preliminary draft of main paper to be circulated via email. 3:30 in G211
March 21 Flavio Cunha
University of Pennsylvania
An Empirical Model of Parental Learning about the Technology of Skill Formation.  (Access restricted to UNC ONYEN accounts.  To get a copy by email, contact Brian McManus.) 3:30 in G211
March 28 Fabian Lange
Yale University
“Duration Dependence and Labor Market Conditions: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment.”  Paper circulated by email.  Contact Brian McManus if you need a copy of it. 3:30 in G211
April 11 James Roberts
Duke University
“Airline Mergers and the Potential Entry Defense.”  Slides circulated by email.  Contact Brian McManus if you need a copy of them. 3:30 in G211
May 2 William Pizer
Duke University
How Will Climate Change Policies Affect Domestic Manufacturing? 3:30 in G211 

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Paper title & link Time & place
September 19(Monday) Christopher Flinn
New York University
Household Choices and Child Development 1:00 in G211
September 28 Limor Golan
Carnegie-Mellon Univ.
Estimating the Returns to Parental Time Investment in Children Using a Life Cycle Dynastic Model 3:30 in G211
October 19 Robert Hammond
North Carolina State Univ.
Heterogeneity in Tournaments with Incomplete Information: An Experimental Analysis 3:30 in G211
October 26 George-Levi Gayle
Carnegie-Mellon Univ.
Identifying and Testing Models of Managerial Compensation 3:30 in G211
November 15(Tuesday) Barton HamiltonWashington University Using Expectations Data to Infer Managerial Preferences 3:30 in G211