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The Quantitative Track highlights analytical skills that are valuable for post-college opportunities that feature in-depth use economic theory and data analysis. You might consider this track if you are interested in:

  • Jobs that analyze data on individual behavior and market activity.
  • Jobs that include in-depth analysis of firms and markets.
  • Graduate school that builds on expertise in market analysis.

Students considering applying to Economics PhD programs should meet with UNC Econ’s Director of Graduate Studies to learn more about the mathematics and statistics courses that are required by most doctoral programs.

Here is a sample path through the coursework we recommend for the Quantitative Track:

[row_column colspan=”3″]Either: A 500-level course that builds on the material in ECON 470*
Course Number Title Hours
First Year and Second year
MATH 231 Calculus of Functions of One Variable I 3
or STOR 113 Decision Models for Business and Economics
or MATH 152 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
STOR 155 Introduction to Data Models and Inference 3
ECON 101 Introduction to Economics (H) 4
ECON 400 Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics (H) 3
ECON 410 Intermediate Theory: Price and Distribution (H) 4
ECON 420 Intermediate Theory: Money, Income, and Employment (H) 3
Second or Third Year
ECON 470 Econometrics* 3
Third and Fourth Year
ECON 571 Advanced Econometrics
ECON 551 Economics of Education
ECON 590 Special Topics
Or: A 500-level course that uses more advanced math 3
ECON 511 Advanced Game Theory
Two additional electives from among 400- and 500-level ECON courses 6
Total Hours 32

(H) Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the non-honors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

*MORE COURSES THAT BUILD ON ECON 470 TO BE ADDED IN 2019/20! During 2018/19 students can take ECON 470 or ECON 570 to fulfill the track’s econometrics content.

For more information and a complete description of the courses required for an economics major, visit our undergraduate program section.