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On May 10 this year the University came together to celebrate the successes of its graduate students.  At the Hooding Ceremony, those students who have completed the requirements for their Ph.D. are presented and are “hooded” — they’re given for the first time the hood that, when worn with cap and gown, signifies their receipt of the doctoral degree.


Twelve of our graduate students received their doctorates during this academic year:  Arnie Aldridge, Ryan Burk, Ezequiel Cabezon, Chris Cronin, David Fragoso-Gonzales, David Frazier, Fatma Gunay, Gazi Kara, Leo Morales, Kaiji Moteji, Racha Moussa and Jianfeng Yao.  They’ve gone on to jobs in academia, in governments (both US and other countries), in private corporations and in non-profits as well.  Pictured above are (starting from the right) Gazi Kara, his wife Aysenur, and Professor Anusha Chari.  Professor Chari was Gazi’s principal adviser on his thesis.  Professor Chari and Gazi are wearing their “hoods” around their necks — Gazi for the first time.

Congratulations to all of our graduates, and to their families!

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