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GNguyenAt its October 2014 annual conference in Nashville, TN, the Financial Management Association International (FMA) awarded Giang Nguyen the best paper award in the Market Microstructure category. Her paper, “Order Flow Segmentation and the Role of Dark Pool Trading in the Price Discovery of US Treasury Securities”, which is joint with Michael Fleming at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was selected from over 1,400 submissions. Giang, who is from Hanoi, Vietnam, has received numerous recognitions over the past few years. She was awarded the Lovick P. Corn Dissertation Fellowship for the academic year 2013-2014, and was recently inducted into the Royster Society of Fellows, which is the highest honor awarded by the Graduate School to graduate students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She will complete her graduate studies in December 2014 and the Department expects her to find an excellent position on this year’s job market.

“I am very glad to be part of the Economics PhD program at Carolina. The program is extremely well run, to the credit of Professor Tauchen, whose resourcefulness and genuine interest in our success is truly a valuable asset. The rigorous and well-designed coursework of the program gave me necessary tools for academic research. I greatly value the continual support from my advisor, Professor Eric Ghysels, who often encourages me to take up challenges and provides timely coaching. I have grown significantly under his mentoring. And last but not least, the financial support from generous donors to our department and the graduate school have allowed me to pursue my research program and travel to conferences to present my work, obtain feedback and learn from prominent scholars in my field.”



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At its April 2014 annual conference in New York City, The Society of Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics awarded Laura Jackson the James B. Ramsey Prize for the top graduate student paper in econometrics, “Monetary Policy, Macro Factors, and the Term Structure at the Zero Lower Bound.”

When she arrived at Carolina, Laura was not 100% sure what she was going to do with a PhD. “All I knew is that I wanted to study economics. Through the support provided by the Economics Department and fellowships offered through the Graduate School, I have had the incredible opportunity to participate in a variety of conferences and internships to enhance my education and share my research with others in the field. In addition to what I’ve learned through courses in the department, these opportunities helped to shape my research focus and motivate my choice to pursue a career in academia.” A fifth year graduate student from Mio, Michigan, Laura will start her professorial career at Bentley University in July 2015.  That is the same school from which she earned her bachelor’s degree in 2010.






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