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Kalina Staub

I also used Tests and Quizzes in Sakai to administer my exams. I had separate assessments for the multiple choice part of my exams (where questions were drawn from pools of 3-4 times as many questions and the order of the questions and answer choices were randomized).

I also used it for the short answer/graphing part of my exams. I used the file upload question type and had students handwrite or type their answers and save to a one-page PDF, which they could then upload to Sakai. From there there is a button to download all submissions and then I was easily able to upload them into Gradescope for quick and easy grading. If you do this, make sure you give students an opportunity to practice creating a PDF and uploading it to Sakai. If students do not upload a PDF it is a pain to get their responses into Gradescope, but the only students that had any issues in my classes were those who did not take the practice exam to practice uploading a file to Sakai. I could have had students upload their answers directly to Gradescope, but then it would have been more difficult to enforce a time limit, give different time limits to different students, or give students different versions of the same questions.