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We’d like to recognize you, our graduating seniors, for working so diligently to overcome the challenges of remote learning and isolation over the past few months. During these unprecedented times, each of you has shown tremendous resilience, strength, and determination to reach this special day. This is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, and although your time on campus was cut short, we hope you will take the memories you made here at UNC with you wherever you go. From all of us here in the Department of Economics, congratulations on your graduation and best wishes as you begin your career, further your education, or embark on your next adventure!

Read the full departmental message of congratulations here.


Senior Reflections

Kevin A. Jarman II | Economics, Business Administration | Class of 2020

“The Economics department has always been there for me and I am truly grateful. From the classroom, to recommendation letters, to just talking about personal matters, I have constantly felt supported by all of my teachers. I am fully convinced that my success in the field was partly due to my hard work but mainly because of how great and caring they were as instructors.”

“Dr. Balaban, aka Rita as I like to refer to her, was my first inspiration to entering into the economic department. When I first entered her class, I was a bio major, but before I could finish the class, I knew that the economics major was for me! Although challenging, I knew that the subject was for me. ”

“Econ 410 was by far my favorite class that I have ever taken here at UNC. It mixed the two of my most favorite subjects, economics and calculus. While that was great, what put the class over the edge was the amazing work done by the professor, Michelle Sheran Andrews. MSA was such an amazing professor. She inspired me to run for my Mr. BSM campaign, which I ended up winning. MSA has contributed so much to my success that I could never thank her enough! ”

“Although we were only with each other for a summer session, Professor Geetha was a great professor who never failed to show her support for my future endeavors. No matter how busy she seemed to be, she never was too busy to make sure that I understood all of the course material. So thankful and grateful!”

Mabel D’Souza | Business Administration, Economics | Class of 2020

“The economics department was integral to providing knowledge and skills for my post-grad career. From Game Theory to International Economics, I enjoyed all of the classes I took.

“I found that the knowledge and research that the professors possesses really helped me discover what I was most interested in.

Brian McGrinder | Economics | Class of 2020

“Having had some of the most caring professors and intellectually stimulating courses, the thing I will remember most about my time at UNC Economics is all of my amazing peers. From the group projects, late-night study sessions, UNC Economics in Croatia, or QFE, their dedication is what inspired me to push myself as far as I could. I genuinely feel that I would not be where I am today without them.”

“The Quantitative Financial Economics Program has challenged me in more ways than I could possibly have imagined, but now I couldn’t imagine graduating without it.”

Aditi Adhikari | Pubic Policy, Economics, Chemistry | Class of 2020

“I’m so thankful to the Department of Economics for giving me the practical tools necessary to make an impact in the world.”



Carlee Powell | Computer Science, Economics| Class of 2020

“I’m thankful for the way this department has shaped my critical thinking skills. Marginal cost, am I right?”



Radhika Jagani | Information Science, Economics, Computer Science | Class of 2020

“The Economics program at UNC helped me realize that the key to academic success was not being afraid to ask for help. The faculty’s passion and willingness to help made the program feel like a community, rather than just a learning environment. I truly enjoyed my class time with Geetha as she developed a culture in the classroom that endorsed learning and fostered interest. After graduation, I will be joining EY in Charlotte as a Technical Advisory Staff in their National Practice. In the future, I would like to further my education with a Master’s degree.”

Valerie Lundeen | Economics, Public Policy | Class of 2020

I’ll carry the lessons I learned at UNC Economics into my work for many years to come. Thank you to all my professors for a great education.



Andi Li | Economics | Class of 2020

Do what you are good at and win what you deserve”



Sarah G. Parker |Economics, Computer Science| Class of 2020

The Women in Economics club is such a great resource for female economic students to come together for both social and academic events and build a community within the department. I am so glad that I got involved with this club and had the opportunity to serve as President my last year at UNC. I have loved watching the club grow over the last few years and I look forward to seeing how the club can grow with the new leadership.

The economics department is amazing and has been incredibly impactful for my time at UNC. I did not originally come in as an economics major, but took Econ 101 on a whim and loved everything about it. The content was engaging, the professor was incredible, and the department had wonderful resources for the students. Now, as I am leaving the department after 4 years, I am reflecting on my time and can confidently say that each and every one of the professors that I have had in this department have made an impact on my education. You can just tell that these professors have such a passion, not only for the content they are teaching, but for helping the students achieve success in their courses and beyond.

Gokul K Dass

Gokul K. Dass | Economics, Entrepreneurship | Class of 2020





Andrew Muller | Economics | Class of 2020

“Despite not loving 410, Michelle Sharon Andrews was one of my favorite professors that I have had at UNC Chapel Hill” 



Kris Chellani | Business Administration, Economics | Class of 2020

“The Economics major allowed me to develop quantitative skills that I can apply in the real world. From the world-renowned faculty to the outstanding curriculum, I learned so much in my time as an Economics major that I would highly recommend it to fellow students and incoming students at UNC. Thank you to the Economics department for an amazing few years!” 


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