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About Us

Founded in 2023, our goal is to is to promote, engender, and expand undergraduate involvement with research in economics. While our focus is achieving these goals at UNC, the frontier of knowledge ought to not limited by geography or scholastic affiliation, so we encourage submissions from other institutions as well.

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Main Publications

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Submit Your Work

We are currently accepting submissions for our inaugural publication, which will be finalized in December 2023. The deadline for submission is October 27, and submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Before submitting, please note that the turn around for revisions is tight, so you will have to be willing and able to work with us in a short time span.

Click HERE to Submit Your Paper! (Be sure to read everything listed.)

Note that we only accept submissions from current or recent (<1) undergraduate students. While there is no specific area centralized by the journal, papers must fall under the umbrella of economics. Honors theses, summer research projects, and strong term papers, as well as independent projects, are all welcomed submissions.

Get Involved

Current student? We’re working to expand our team so we’re not just publishing academic papers in economics, but also working to include those with a less intense background who want to grow. If you’re well-versed in the economic literature or just really liked ECON 101, follow the link below for full details on the club, including our emailing list, where we’ll semi-regularly send out opportunities, commentary, and ways to get involved.

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Avani Pradhan
Maggie (Xiangyi) Yuan
Esha Shah
Alanna Paschall
Mengqi Li
Sophie Pinkston
Garrett Kane
Zirui Liu
Walter Johnson
Finley Wang
Smrithi Tirumalapudi
Holden Wright
Agrima Awasthi
Priyanka Mistry
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