Women in Economics

Srihita Bongu and Mijal Bucay are two of our best and brightest among the undergraduate majors. Srihita is Co-President of the Economics Club, and Mijal Bucay is the captain of … Continued

Carolina Economics Club Targets the Election

The Presidential election has focused everyone’s attention on the economy, but it’s often hard to sift through the claims and counterclaims on the campaign trail.  The Carolina Economics Club had … Continued

An Innovation in Financial Economics for UNC’s Economics Majors

The Economics Department constantly strives to improve the education our students receive.  While education researchers have known that experimentation and practical experience are important aspects of the learning process for … Continued

The 2016 Graduation Reception

The sky was Carolina blue for the 2016 Economics Department Graduation reception — and the tables were laden with Carolina-blue punch, Tar Heel cookies and pimento-cheese sandwiches.  After the graduation ceremony … Continued

Fiscal Challenge Competition Grows

The Fiscal Challenge is a national competition wherein teams of students devise and defend their plans for putting the U.S. on a sustainable fiscal path. Founded by Professor Mike Aguilar and … Continued

Carolina Economics Club

The Carolina Economics Club (CEC) at the University of North Carolina works to create a venue for students to explore economics outside their traditional coursework and also to network with … Continued

The Best College for the Economics Major in North Carolina

No surprise:  Carolina is # 1. The quants at Zippia, a new website devoted to providing expert career advice, have created an algorithm for ranking the success of universities in … Continued

Entrepreneurship Minor News

Entrepreneurship can mean lots of different things to lots of different people. When you ask a group of students to name an entrepreneur, they often rattle off the list of … Continued

Fed Reserve Challenge Team

Fed Reserve Challenge Team is Runner-up in DC

The UNC Fed Challenge team took its act on the road last December, and came in second in the nation in the annual inter-university competition in monetary policy design. Each year at … Continued

Hunter Baehren

Mr. Baehren goes to Washington

Hunter Baehren, a junior Political Science and Economics major, will be an intern with the Council of Economic Advisers in Washington this semester. Last summer he studied the effects of … Continued