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The Presidential election has focused everyone’s attention on the economy, but it’s often hard to sift through the claims and counterclaims on the campaign trail.  The Carolina Economics Club had a great idea — let’s put on a series of events to discuss in non-partisan fashion the most important issues of the election.election_econ_club0004

Mission Accomplished!   The Economics Club, in concert with the Public Policy Majors Union, the College Republicans and the Young Democrats, have put together a series of talks.  Patrick Conway spoke about international trade and job creation on October 5.  Coming up are:

  • Congressman David Price on North Carolina’s role in the national election
  • Dr. Maureen Berner of UNC’s School of Government on the budgetary impact of the candidates’ plans
  • Dr. Billy Pizer of Duke University on the implications for climate change and environmental impact of the candidates’ proposals
  • Ms. Elizabeth Balaban of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on the candidates’ proposals for reforming Obamacare and the future of health insurance for all.

Carolina Economics Club co-president Srihita Bongu described the purpose of the events.  “We’re trying to bring back the focus to what really matters here,” she said. “The numbers, the facts and how this affects peoples’ welfare is what’s important, and I think that would be the main takeaway for students.”

You’ll find a Daily Tar Heel write-up of the speaker series here.

The talks are open to the public, and the locations are given on the poster to the right.  There was tremendous turnout at the first event, and as the election gets closer we can only anticipate greater interest.

Thanks to the leaders of the Economics Club for bringing this opportunity for educated citizenship to campus!

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