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Flabbi_LucaSpotlight on the Faculty

Professor Luca Flabbi

“Do Female Executives Make a Difference?”

This question was the topic of analysis by Professor Luca Flabbi and three colleagues (Mario Macis, Andrea Moro, and Fabiano Schivardi). Their research explored the effects of female leadership on gender and firm performance. Professor Flabbi and his colleagues examined data from 800 Italian manufacturing companies and found that women had an overall positive influence on their workforce. Sales increased roughly 14% per employee and the pay gap between men and women narrowed in this companies. The salaries of top-performing women were comparatively 10% higher than that of women in peer organizations.

Professor Flabbi’s research was featured in the Wall Street Journal in December 2016. The article entitled “How a Woman CEO Affects Sales and Salaries” by John Simons gave credit to his research and the University.

To read more about his research project click here.

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