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FDIC finalist team members: Adrian Ng, Nick Kirkman, Dr. Geetha Vaidyanathan, Aiqi Sun and Kevin Wang.

Three teams from UNC participated in the Second Annual FDIC Challenge conducted by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Challenge involved using three large data sets provided by the FDIC to examine “The Impacts of Covid-19 on the Banking Sector” There were two rounds in the competition. The first round that took place in Fall 2021 involved data analysis to write a research paper with policy recommendations. In the final round held in Spring 2022, the top five submissions were invited by the FDIC for an oral presentation followed by a Q&A session. “Visible Handz” team from UNC made it to the final round. The members in this team were Nick Kirkman, Adrian Ng, Aiqi Sun and Kevin Wang. The team brought home a trophy for being a finalist. The faculty advisor for this team was Dr. Geetha Vaidyanathan.

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