Fall 2017 Labor/Applied Microeconomics Student Workshops

Date Presenter Working Paper Type of Seminar
8/28 Ray Wang “Choice of College Major and Dropout: The Importance of Grades” Regular Seminar
9/4 No Seminar – Labor Day
9/11 Anusha Chari  “Gender Representation in Economics Across Topics and Time: Evidence From the NBER Summer Institute” Guest Seminar
9/18 David Diaz “Come on Vamonos, Some of Us Let’s Go: Parental Migration and Remaining Children’s Cognitive Development” Regular Seminar
9/25 Rayan Joneydi Regular Seminar
10/2 Teresa Zhou “The Doctor is In/Out: Determinants of Physician Labor Supply Dynamics” Job Market Practice
10/9 Josh Horvath Job Market Practice
10/16 Siddhartha Biswas “The Effect of Student Loan Borrowing and Early Career Debt on Mental Health” Regular Seminar *Time Change: This seminar will be held from 3:30 to 5:00pm
10/23 Andrea Otero Regular Seminar
10/30 Zac Mozenter Regular Seminar
11/6 Mauricio Salazar “Household Production in a Labor Household Search Model applied to Columbia: Explaining female non participation in a developing country” Regular Seminar
11/13 Alina Malkova Regular Seminar
11/20 Thanksgiving Week – No Seminar
11/27 Kristina Vaughan Regular Seminar
12/4 Yi Zhong Regular Seminar



The workshop meets on Mondays, 12.20-1.40pm in Gardner Room 211.

The purpose of this course is to receive feedback on on-going dissertation and research work and to test presentation skills. This objective is obtained at least in three ways:

  1. By actively engaging in the workshop both as a presenter and a prepared and vocal participant, a student improves his or her ability to organize thoughts and to discuss ones’ own and other research.
  2. Participation in the workshop allows the student to associate, correct, or avoid similar problems in one’s own research, and to learn appropriate presentation and research skills by observing and engaging others.
  3. Participation in the workshop provides the student with feedback on his or her own research in a relaxed, but formal, setting from student colleagues and multiple faculty members who may or may not be dissertation committee members.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Dr. Luca Flabbi.